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mySkool is a feature-rich, multilingual, complete institute Content Management System (CMS). This institute community portal provides state-of-the-art online interactive community and backend administration functions. The institute intranet effectively brings the education stakeholders (management, administration, parents, teachers and students) together on a common interactive platform thereby fostering camaraderie among them and building a solid institute community.

mySkool is an inclusive institute management /institute administration software that is designed with a sole intention of supporting institutes in effectively managing their institute related operations and activities. Built using the latest technology, this scalable Online institute Management Software automates a institute's diverse operations such System Administration and Management, Records and Profiles Management, Automated Timetable Generation and Updates, Substitute Management, Fee Management, Attendance Management, Exam Management, Grades Management, Library Management, Online Content Management and Homework Management, Report Management, Inventory Management, Transport Management and much more. The institute community portal is marked by numerous useful features such as institute calendar, events, notice board, polls, forums, profile search and internal interaction, SMS feature to name a few.

myPulse system is an end to end solution for school transportation management. The system is backed by state of the art technologies. Hosted at Tecenzyme cloud infrastructure. The system is implemented with real time analytics. GPS location tracking, Internet of things based on open source frameworks. myPulse system connects and collaborates parents, drivers, Staffs, School administration, Transportation providers and students to provide a safe and secure school transportation environment. Parents can update their profile using user interface and even can update their house location in case of a change of house etc, they just need to pin the location in the map.

Admin can then confirm this change request and make necessary arrangement to change the route etc. Parents can selectively subscribe for various notifications in the system whether it is an app notification or SMS notification.

myPulse parent application and web interface can be used for real time monitoring of kids in the buses . we are adding live video streaming feature into this by next version. Parents can inform the system if students are planning to be absent on any day whether it is a pickup, drop off or both, system can handle absent students by suppressing notifications and informing driver to avoid the student, however students can still board the bus even after marking absence and system can still handle that exceptions.

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